When we first started shifting our focus from a carb-loaded diet towards a lifestyle that included more fats and protein rather than sugars and starches, we wittnessed amazing results in our physical appearance as well as our mental state. Our skin cleared up, nails and hair were stronger and healthier and we experienced no longer that "afternoon slump" in energy and focus. We felt less hungry and longer statisfied after meals and craving for "unhealthy" foods dropped.

While we are not fans of demonizing any foods and certain food groups, we have had such great results from adjusting our diet, that we now base our diet on real, whole and non-processed foods.

With FATBOYS we have created some delicious snack bites that nourish you with healthy fats from nuts, seeds and coconut oil. Using a combination of sweeteners (maple syrup, erythritol and stevia) allowed us to create that perfect little snack, sweet enough to satisfy cravings without adding a ton of sugar or sacrificing the texture of the product! We hope you will love these FATBOYS as much as we do, share them with friends and family and keep them on hand whenever you feel like you're getting hungry, need a little energy boost or just want a little treat.

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Christin & Lewes